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COVID-19 shipping information

We get loads of questions about COVID-19 and deliveries. First of all; your and our health is the most important of course. 

We still deliver to all EU countries (and the UK), but due to lockdowns deliveries can take longer than usual. Keep an eye out on the tracking information received per email. 

It is known that deliveries to Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Finland, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom and Sweden can take longer than usual. Also other countries can take longer and PostNL within The Netherlands has some delays too. 

For Italy: 

24 April 2020
Expected delay: 4-7 days

: there is NO delivery possible at this time for the following postal codes: 24xxx, 25xxx. If the packages for those postal codes are already in Italy, than they're getting stocked in a local warehouse until delivery is possible again. If not, then the packages are coming back to us. 

For Spain:

24 April 2020:
Expected delay: 4-7 days
In Spain specific regions are currently inaccesible for parcel deliveries. These include (Region/Postcodes): Padró : 15282, 15900, 15910, 15911, 15912, 15914, 15915, 15916, 15917, 15920, 15928, 15980, 15981, 15982, 15983, 15984, 15985, 36640, 36645, 36646, 36647, 36649 Cáceres : 10900, Navalmoral de la Mata: 10374 and La Bañeza: 24763 Parcels in transit will be buffered in Spain until these regions are reopened